Packing #Preparation

P   R   E   S    S     P   L   A   Y

Yes I know it’s been a while and after taking a break, I have truly missed blogging and I’m happy to be back on it. Over the next 2 weeks I will be touching on the topic of preparation. I’m looking forward to share this with you all.!

Let the journey begin..

Packing is a form of preparation; we can’t avoid packing when we are in the process of preparing to move. Whether it’s a new house, job, holiday; Packing is required to ready us for the change that is ahead.

Although packing is generally related to physical elements; this also relates to us emotionally, spiritually and mentally. We can sometimes be in a habit of carrying things that doesn’t actually benefit us in any way, e.g. past experience & certain lifestyles. These are the things that we must review regularly to see whether they are fitting for where we are currently at in our lives.

I’ve definitely been guilty of carrying unnecessary ‘stuff’ and have found that it has only slowed me down in the long term and caused me to miss things. But thankfully God has redirected me & is guiding me accordingly.

So who and what are you meant to be carrying?

Different seasons reflect different requirements that are needed for a particular time and for me I have found that imbalance comes in my life when I’m not aware of what I need to be doing and who with.

In the last few months I’ve realised that being in the right relationships with people is important. Ultimately we have been created for relationship and these interactions can affect us in a positive or negative way.

We can’t be our true self when we have unnecessary possessions in our lives that hold us back or slow us down.

So what are you carrying in your suitcase, baggage or essentials?


Styling Tip: Block colours combined with a print is a great combination; It allows the print to make a statement. However, I would never discard wearing print on print; If you know how to pull it off, it turns out to be a very dynamic look!

Wear, experiment & Enjoy..

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